South Goa is a poor man’s paradise; especially for those who love the sinuous waves and exotic colors. You will get an exemplified glimpse of what Goa has on offer while staying in our well-facilitated and protected holiday homes. We offer you the toast of South Goa at Zalor Beach, Carmona and give you manners to create effective bonds with your families, loved ones and others. Talking of bonding, there are innumerable options to inspire your beach vacations. Read on ...


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    Where will you get accommodation supplemented by a host of facilities to automatically trim your costs ? We understand the importance of that perception and have accordingly created an oasis in your desert of anxieties - if you are ready for a stylized vista of South Goa, stay with us !

    Zalor beach - Cycling 'adventure' !
    Indulge in an unique Beach cycling 'expedition' !
    Zalor beach, south Goa
    Zalor beach, minutes away from
    Fatrade, south Goa
    St. Roque Chapel in Fatrade - 7 minutes away from !


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